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General information about journal

The third issue of the journal is devoted to accounting in the cloud.

The Clouds for Life section begins with an overview of domestic developments for home accounting and family budget planning. Founders and developers of certain services reveal details of their projects.

Section Cloud for Business contains information about various SaaS-products that help to conduct company accounting , control manufacturing processes and projects, effect payments and vigorously promote business.

A special block of materials focused on to the urgent issue of domestic citizens personal data storage in the clouds and data centers located in Russia. A published rating of 20 home-grown cloud providers willing to work with foreign customers will help you choose the best service provider to implement migration of IT infrastructure or database from a foreign cloud to a Russian one; and other publications of this cluster prompt tactical steps to carry out anything planned and guide the client in the legal peculiarities of the process.

The Clouds investment section contains articles on cloud startups, successful and instructive cloud projects and also interviews with heads of industrial parks and investors who share their experience of interaction with novice IT entrepreneurs; provide valuable advice for everyone who starts a startup, cautioning the latter from fatal errors and prompting shortest path to success.

Content of Issue No 3

Editors letter: Anna Zhiteneva About laziness, finance and clouds
Chronicle of Events: The problem of choice: domestic or foreign?
Chronicle of Events: Hosts anticipate change
Chronicle of Events: Russian OpenStack community's 5-year anniversary
Complitly in Clouds: The Illusion of Diversity
Services for life: Maximum efficiency with minimum effort
Services for life: Money strengthens confidence
Analysis and Forecost: Prof. Vladimir Sloviev 'Will the profession of an accountant disappear?'
Expert Opinion: Askar Rahimberdiev 'Being a storekeeper is much easier than a being a bookkeeper'
Sevices for business: Alexander Nefedov 'We are not better, we are different'
Services for business: Dmitry Spiridonov, Konstantin Yan 'Pay and... be happy'
Economy: Mikhail Lyapin 'Cloud services make the non-repayment of loans manageable'
Strategy: Alexey Fedorov 'Time to be practical'
Technologies for business: Vladimir Bakhur 'The MDK platform introduced to the Russian market'
Services for business: Denis Imshenetsky 'Cloud sites are not luxuries, but a necessity for business development'
Rating: Top 20 Russian cloud providers, ready to work with foreign customers
Master class: Dmitry Selivanov 'Five steps to a Russian cloud'
Letter of the law: Natalia Ganusovskaya 'SLA and how it may help'
Where the startups live: Oleg Movsesyan 'We build startups from scratch'
Startup. Success story: Yaroslav Osetrov 'Visiting a dentist might be a source of inspiration'
Where the startups live: Alex Kokotkin 'What the technopark stands for?'
Startup: other men's mistakes: Anton Salov 'False start'
Expert column: Anton Zhbankov '`IT vs Private Cloud` Paradox'
Calendar: Conderences, Exhibitions, Congresses