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Our readership

  • Cloudjrnl.ruis read by:
    • Security managers and personnel
    • Business professionals (owners, top managers and leading specialists from companies throughout all industries, government agencies and non-profit organizations)
    • IT-department staff (CIO, system administrators from medium and large companies, project managers, IT designers, developers, operations department staff and help desk personnel)
    • End users of various cloud products
  • Developers and providers of cloud services
  • Investors targeting IT-startups
  • System integrators
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and software

Materials are accepted in the following formats

  • Text files in MS Word, TXT, RTF formats. MS Excel tables and graphs embedded in a MS Word file shall be submitted separately in MS Excel file with all the calculation tables. Images embedded in the MS Word file shall be submitted separately as specified below;
  • TIFF-file, JPG. (resolution 300 dpi, CMYK, without clipping paths and strokes, without compression);
  • PDF/X-1a:2001
  • Files created in Adobe Illustrator. All of the text - in the curves; without embedded fonts; color models of all elements - CMYK only.
Method for submitting info:
  • Information can be submitted using the following media (for PC only): CD-ROM (-R, -RW), DVD-ROM (-R, -RW), any portable USB-devices (USB Flash Drive, USB HDD).
  • Original layouts for follow-on revision are accepted in the form of files created in Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator with the mandatory attachment containing all the fonts and illustrations used (with a resolution of no less than 300dpi and no smaller than 60x50 mm / W x H).
  • Finished layouts and pictures in any other format are not accepted

Journal publication schedule for 2015

1st quarter
No. 2
Cover story 'Infrastructure as a Service: Enhancement '
2nd quarter
No. 3
Cover story 'Accounting in the Cloud '
Content submissions till 15th May 2015
Journal is scheduled to be published in mid-June.
3rd quarter
No. 4
Cover story 'Backup as a Service '
Content submissions till 1st August 2015
Journal is scheduled to be published in the beginning of September.
4 quarter
No. 5
Cover story 'Cloud Technologies for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses '
Content submissions till 15th October 2015
Journal is scheduled to be published in mid-November.

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