The most notable events of the cloud technologies market; exhibitions, conferences and meetings held. Life in cloud technology companies and experts’ experiences. Interesting facts and new trends.


A discussion of controversial industry-related issues and its problems that haven't yet been solved. A presentation of discussion opinions. An expression of contrasting views on an issue.

Analysis and Forecast

Facts and figures relating to the Russian/global cloud technologies markets: analysis, statistics, infographics. An overview of the whole market and its individual segments, development trends, forecasts, expert comments, etc.


A story about one of the leading companies – the market's largest player. An overview of services and technological solutions offered by this company. An opinion by this company's expert on current cloud-related issues. A constructive experience of overcoming challenges. Plans and forecasts for the future.

Expert Opinion

Interviews with competent experts in the field of cloud technologies. Our guests talk about the subjects arousing keen interest in the cloud community, as well as about their own experience in terms of developing and using cloud services. They also share valuable findings, concerns and thoughts.

Technologies and Services

Modern technologies used when building various cloud solutions for public and corporate use. A comprehensive discussion on various topics and problems relating to the use of various technologies and services (*aaS, hardware, operating systems, hypervisors, middleware, virtualization, etc.). An overview of key decisions. An analysis of utilization options. Advantages and disadvantages. Proposals of various companies. Consumers' experience and views.v


Market trends. An analysis of cloud transition-related options. Complete and accurate information for creating long-term plans relating to the development of a company's IT-landscape. Examples and experience related to developing plans of this kind.

Clouds for Life

An overview and analysis of cloud services used in everyday life. The experience of real-world users and comments by experts.


Economic calculations with specific references. A comparative analysis of the traditional service model versus the cloud-based one. Tips on increasing business efficiency by means of various cloud solutions.


A guide for a cloud environment. Hidden risks and threats. All aspects of data security in the cloud. Ways to ensure continuity and reliability of cloud applications and infrastructure.

Test Drive

An overview of the testing of various cloud services. An analysis of existing market offers in terms of differences in functionality, ease of implementation and use, quality and price policy. User comments, practical applications.

Master Class

A detailed story about solving a particularly pressing problem faced by users of various cloud services. Critical problems and best practices by experienced users and market experts.

Expert Column

An expert opinion on the latest trends, innovations, achievements and challenges of cloud computing.

Language of Law

Discussing new laws and draft laws affecting the way various cloud environments are developed and used. Opinions by legal experts on shortcomings and gaps in various cloud-related laws. A comparative analysis of the Russian and foreign legislation. Addressing specific legal challenges and issues.


Info on significant events to be held in the next quarter: conferences, forums, exhibitions, meetings, presentations, etc.


A description of promising cloud projects worthy of investor attention. The causes of IT startup failure and success stories.