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General information about journal

In the second issue of theCloudjrnl.ruyou can read about the IaaS cloud service in the Russian market: expert forecasts, specialists comments, opinions of cloud service providers and consumers. is the first specialized journal covering cloud technologies and services in the Russian market. Our journal's goal lies in providing its readers with the latest info on useful cloud services for life, the profitable use of cloud technologies in business and promising cloud projects for investment. Thanks to its topical diversity and enlightening subjects it is of interest not only to a small group of specialists but also to the average reader.

Every issue contains analytical articles, experts' opinions, as well as info on the cloud computing industry's current problems and ways to solve them.

In addition to developers and suppliers of cloud services, experts and professionals, we give the floor to those who actually use various cloud services. They may also share experiences of buying and using different cloud products with a wider audience.

Content of Issue No 2

Editors letter: Anna Zhiteneva Clouds: still partly cloudy
Chronicle of events: Welcome home
Chronicle of events: Why do not mice fly?
Chronicle of events: Rethinking the future
Expert opinion: Peter Didenko 'The Cloud in a Bank'
Analysis and Forecast: Alex Cherevkov 'Money does not buy happiness'
Economy: Anton Salov 'What will bring us the coming year?'
Cover Company: Maxim Zakharenko 'On the cloud frontline'
Security: Ivan Lukovnikov 'Remedy against fear'
Technologies and services: Sergey Kondarev, Gennady Makhov 'On both sides of the fence'
Strategies: Alex Shalaginov 'Virtual Data Centers: the distribution of the clouds'
Infographics: Data centers of cloud service providers
Expert Column: A.Panov 'Google: what is said to be done'
Calendar: Conferences, Exhibitions, Congresse